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Group Rules


About the Club
This is a club for any user's Human OC that would exist in the Pokemon fandom, along with any shippings (either OCxOC or OCxCanon) they may have.

Rules - Updated: September 18th, 2011
- To join, you must send us a link to some proof that you have an OC in the "message" or comments of your request. This can be a biography, image, fanfic or any other way you can show us that you have an OC. This can be on dA, or on another site that we can access without having to make an account.
- Don't give us more than one link to show you have an OC. We only need one. Also, we don't care about quality. It just has to prove you have one.
- The OC you link us to cannot be a Pokemon, Gijinka or Pokesona. Although once you are a member you can submit to a folder we have for those OCs, the main focus of our group is Human OCs.
- The OC you link us to cannot be a drawing/fanfic/etc. for someone else's OC. To be a member, YOU must have an OC.
- If you do not follow our rules (or read them), we are not going to explain why your request to join was declined.

Rules for Submitting: Updated February 19th, 2011
- Artwork must contain one or more OC’s.
- You may only submit 8 deviations within a day's time.
- Submissions MUST include at least ONE original character, or we will not accept it
- Submissions of OCs with other Canon Characters, is allowed. (Non-Shippy, or Shippy)
- No Hentai or any of that stuff please.
- FanFiction is allowed
- Cosplay is Allowed
- Yaoi/Yuri is allowed, just please nothing extreme or against dA policies.
- If you submit artwork, make sure it's in the correct gallery folder. If you do not submit properly, we will simply deny your submission, and you will have to resubmit. For how many submissions we get on average, it takes a lot of work to move deviations to their correct folders. If you don't know where a deviation should go, leave us a comment and ask.
- Unless your OC is yourself in the Pokemon world (and therefore you have a biography/story for your Pokemon world self), do not submit yourself or someone else (same conditions) to the group. This is not an original character, and therefore will not be accepted.


Here is a list of things we accept into the group, and things we DO NOT accept into the group:

Original Human Characters
Original Pokemon/Pokesona/Gijinka Characters (That are actual characters. Not just some random Umbreon you decided to draw one day etc. etc.)
Original Human Characters WITH canon characters
Original Pokemon/Pokesona/Gijinka Characters (again, that are actual characters) WITH canon characters.
Sprites of Original Characters
Sprites of Pokemon/Pokesona/Gijinka Characters.
Sprites of Original Characters WITH Canon Characters
Sprites of Pokemon/Pokesona/Gijinka Characters WITH Canon Characters.
Fanfiction involving Original Human Characters
Fanfiction involving Pokemon/Pokesona/Gijinka Characters
Fanfiction involving Original Human Characters AND Canon Characters
Fanfiction involving Pokemon/Pokesona/Gijinka Characters AND Canon Characters.

Just Canon Characters
Sprites of just Canon Characters
Fanfiction of just Canon Characters (this includes crossover canon characters)
Random Pokemon (this includes Pokedex/Fakedex entries)
Random Pokesonas
Random Gijinkas
Anything completely unrelated to Pokemon


What goes in which folder?
Human OCs: This folder is for submissions including Human OCs that don't fit into the other categories. This can include text biographies, reference images, fake screenshots, as long as they contain a Human OC.
Pokemon/Pokesonas/Gijinkas: This folder is for submissions including OCs that are Pokemon, a Pokesona or a Gijinka. These can include text biographies, reference images, fake screenshots, as long as they contain a Pokemon/Pokesona/Gijinka OC.
OCxCanon Shippings: This folder is for submissions of anything that could be considered related to a shipping (relationship) between an original character and a canon character. This can include text biographies, fake screenshots, as long as they include a shipping of some sort between an OC and a Canon character..
OCxOC Shippings: Same as above, but for shippings/relationships between two original characters.
Fanfiction: Any submissions that fit in this folder should be chapters, text summaries etc. etc. of a FANFICTION that involves original characters. (fanfiction including original AND canon characters are also accepted.)
Comics: Any submissions involving OCs that have frames, sequences, or are in comic format should be submitted here.
Sprites Other This folder is for any submissions including Sprites, Stamps Trainer Cards etc, as long as they include the presence of a Pokemon OC

Random from Favourites






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you're mean :(
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Sorry, why are we mean?

If you sent a membership request and we declined (I haven't seen notifications so I'm not sure if that's the case), it's because you didn't follow the directions on our main page for requesting to join. If you read and follow them, we can process your request again.
davenekim Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
did i say something bad or something? u declined me 2 times! look, tell me a reason.
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From what the other admin said (see her reply to my comment), at least the last time you submitted a request, you withdrew it.

Again, as I said in my first comment I haven't seen your requests so I don't know the situation on them. HOWEVER again, if you followed the rules we have on the front page of the group, we would not have declined you if that's the case.
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